Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Semester I'm Making Books

I've mentioned once or twice that I'm taking a bookbinding class this semester. At least I think I mentioned it. If not - Hey guys! I'm taking bookbinding this semester! I bring this up because today was the first day where we did anything that resembles binding. Up to this point there has been a lot of folding paper, and gluing paper together, and then more folding, and then occasionally some sewing.  Today we put all of these skills together and make a pamphlet/book that definitely resembles journals I've bought at target. 

Since this is a book blog, and I am kind of making books I figured I'd post a few pictures.

Hey...That looks like a book, go figure!

 In class we've spent a lot of time folding pages and making folios. This is what they look like
 The inside cover. Not very interesting, but I had to glue it together so I think it's important. 
The whole cover. I really love the blue/green color of the spine. 

In other school news, tomorrow we actually start talking about Sorcerer's Stone in my Harry Potter class. Up till this point we've been talking about a hero's journey and fairytales. 

Have to go take brownies out of the oven! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Becky (Page Turners) said...

Wow - what a special skill!

KikiElise said...

that's super cute, Sar!!

Anonymous said...

so pretty, and reawakening my own dreams of being an "artisan bookbinder" one day. (seriously, that was once a career i considered...despite having no experience in binding books, unless you count stapling or sewing zines.) please keep posting photos of the books you work on!

-- ellen

Avid Reader said...

I love bookbinding. A close friend of mine got a masters degree in bookbinding. Last year she walked me through the whole process and I got to make a book from scratch. So much fun!

Lily Child said...

Wow, very cute! Sounds like a fun class, even if it's a bit slow-going! :P