Thursday, October 11, 2012

Like a Soap Opera, but with Crotchety Proper People - a Anna Karenina Update

I'm a month in and about halfway done with Anna Karenina! Okay, by half way I may actually mean 46% (thanks Kindle for reminding me how long winded Tolstoy is).  For the most part I've been pleasantly surprised by what an easy read Anna has been. My only real issue, besides the length, is the amount of time Tolstoy has spent talking about farming. I do not care about crops, cows or how wet the roads delivering the hay are, especially if I'm going to have to endure several chapters of nothing else.  Otherwise the characters have been compelling and there are enough different story lines to keep me interested.

Oh, and I keep humming Les Mis songs ever since I saw This Trailer during a brief reading break.  I know, I know, revolutionary France and high society Russia are nothing alike but my subconscious doesn't seem to care. Plus I Dreamed a Dream seems to fit Anna as a character nicely.

My partners in crime for this readalong are not fairing as well. Marty dropped after 10 pages, but promises to see the movie with me and was kind enough to let me recap 300 pages of intrigue and scandal to her at work yesterday. One of our regulars (we work at a coffee shop) interrupted us to say that Tolstoy just didn't get the Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll lifestyle. I think he missed the point.   On the other hand Kirsten is only a couple dozen pages behind and has plans to catch up soon.

In case any of you missed it Joe Wright and Company have released (number) new posters for Anna Karenina. I think they really capture what's at the heart of the novel, at least as far as I've read.

I am getting really excited for this movie. I am in love with the casting. Keira Knightly period pieces are easily one of my favorite things and the ensemble includes the likes of Matthew Macfadyen, Jude  Law, Domhnall Gleeson, Michelle Dockery and many more!

Are any of you excited for Joe Wrights Anna Karenina? Do these new posters sway you? Let me know in the comments!