Thursday, February 17, 2011

Literary Hop - One Book

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted much this week, I've been lazy and keep putting off finishing Chamber of Secrets because I don't like freakishly large spiders, or Gilderoy Lockhard.
Literary Blog Hop
I am, as always, excited to be a part of this weeks Literary Blog Hop! A big thank you to The Blue Bookcase for hosting this amazing bi-weekly event!

If you were going off to war (or some other similarly horrific situation) and could only take one book with you, which literary book would you take and why?

I'm the type of girl you never want to play the "What Book, Movie, and Album would you take to a deserted island". My tastes are constantly changing and my answers are almost always depended on my mood. So, when I read this weeks question I was a little nervous. I'd want to take a book I wouldn't get tired of after a few reads, as well as something uplifting, or at least hope inspiring. Eventually, I settled on Nicole Krauss's The History of Love.

In History of Love you get a bit of everything, a sappy old man who is also a writer, a young girl mourning the death of her father, flashes of World War II and an amazing story of love. For me, this would be the perfect book to help me through trying nights and horrifying situations. I always put down Krauss's novel with a sense of hope, even if not everyone ends up happy, and that regardless of what evil is happening in the world, that love will exist



Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Yes, I liked this book mucho mucho. It might be an excellent choice during a war. I'd much prefer to choose a good book for a trip to an island.

Here is my post:
I'd love to hear what you think.

mel u said...

I have not read this book but from your description it sounds like a good choice-you would want something inspiring

Melody said...

The only Nicole Krauss I've read is Great House, but it seems that History of Love is more favored. I need to look into it more!

Adam said...

Hmm. I have heard of this one, but haven't really been interested in it (hasn't seemed like my type of book). I am very "pro-love" though, and I don't mean in the romantic sense. I like the idea of positivity and brotherhood and general kindness - so this book sounds like it might be a good read for me, after all.

parrish lantern said...

not heard of this, so am off to find out more, as this seems like it could be a good read.

bibliophiliac said...

I went so far as to check this out from the library and still haven't read it. *blush* Must do better. My choice was Crime and Punishment, a favorite of mine.

gautami tripathy said...

It sure sounds good!

Here is my Literary Blog Hop post!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I'm constantly changing as well. That makes me think I should read your choice ;) I bet I'd love it.

I'm following from the hop.

Laura said...

Oooh, I literally just bought this the other day! Must get round to reading it soon I think!