Saturday, February 26, 2011

Behind Every Girl is an Amazing Nail Polish

I'm kind of a girly girl. I like frilly things, and stuffed animals and pastels. Oh, and nail polish. Nail polish is kind of my thing. So when I was looking through the two dozen bottles on top of my bookshelf looking for the perfect color I got to thinking, what would some of my favorite literary heroines decorate their nails with? Here's what I came up with!

Scarlett O'Hara 
You all know Scarlett, she's sassy, manipulative and charming. Her name and personality inspire fierce passion. My pick for Scarlett is Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI

It's red, but dark, with a hint of sparkle and dash of vamp and sass.  

Lady Macbeth
Oh, so you want to be King? You better hope you're wife is as devoted to your cause as Lady M is. Killing a sleeping, kind king isn't exactly childs play. Shes dark. Really dark.  My pick for Lady Macbeth is My Darling by Milani

It's black, but sheer. It creates an air of mystic and awe, and would easily hide those 'spots' she keeps complaining about.

You saucy little girl, you! I bet even you're short, bitten fingernails are tempting to the likes of Humbert! My pick for Lolita is Temptress by Revlon 

Bubble gum pink, with a hint of sparkle. It's a super flirty color, and with a name like Temptress it's obvious why little Lo would dart towards this color.

Juliet Capulet 
Juliet's you're typical teenager. She's in love, her parents don't like her boyfriend. (okay, her parents don't like her husband) Also, she's rash with her decision making, and inwardly she is rebellious, even if she usually listens to her parents. I think that to demenistrate her love for Romeo, and give an extra kick to her parents she'd pick a blue. A Montague blue, instead of the reds the Capulet are always wearing. My pick for Juliet is Russian Navy by OPI

A rich, deep blue. It's perfect for a rebellious teen, and a Montague. 

Narcissa Malfoy
The matriarch of the Malfoy family is sleek, stylish and surprisingly loving. While she is not a Death Eater she does agree with their policies, and she was a Slytherin through and through.  My pick for Narcissa is Cuckoo for this Color by OPI

After seeing this color I have been dying to write OPI to start a Harry Potter collection, and more importantly change the name of this polish to Heir of Slytherin. 

Elizabeth Bennant
Elizabeth is the every girl. She's smart and funny. She is very independent and headstrong, but has a soft side where her family is concerned. While her attitude isn't always conventional, I think her overall look and nail color would be classical, even if her nails were chipped and her hem dirty. My pick for Lizzy is Dulce De Leche by OPI 

Ducle De Leche is a classical soft pink. It would go well with the pastels and empire dresses that we usually see in all adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. 

Franny Glass
Franny is the perfect picture of quirky and naive. I picture her following most style conventions but occasionally adding a pop of something odd. I also imagine that her brothers probably teased her about this. My pick for Franny is Pea's and Q's by Nicole by OPI 

I really love this color, and it's perfect for the naive actress who has a slight breakdown. 

Happy Saturday! I think i'm going to go paint my nails now!


Kelly A. said...

This is the most creative posts I've seen in awhile! I am a nail polish freak as well...I love love love Juliet's color..amazing!

Red said...

I love this post! I'm a big nail polish fan myself and it's great that you (very nicely!) matched the colors to the characters. I love the Narcissa color!

Kate said...

I love this post! I've been thinking (literally, for days...) about how my nails need painting - both toe and finger!

Your pick for Narcissa is spot on - and I love your choice for Elizabeth!

embodythewind said...

this is amazing. perfect picks.

Avid Reader said...

I love this.

Kate said...

...also wanted to let you know I linked this in my Friday Five over at Kate's Library!