Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Literary Hop - (time) Travel!

The Literary Book Blog Hop is hosted by The Blue Bookcase. It's an amazing bi-weekly event for Literary bloggers to hop around to each others blogs as well as answer some awesome questions.
Literary Blog Hop

This weeks question: What setting (time or place) from a book or story would you most like to visit? Eudora Welty said that, "Being shown how to locate, to place, any account is what does most toward making us believe it...," so in what location would you most like to hang out?

I've spent a lot of time reading about Victorian England and without question that is the time period and place I would pick. For me reading Austen, Bronte(s) and Levy was a transporting experience. I love how much depth works dealing with the late 1800's and early 1900's have, even if they are more contemporary novels. There is just so much history that is happening at this time, that being in London would be mind blowing.
Plus the clothes would be pretty awesome.

Of course there are other times and places I would love to visit, but I'm trying to keep this down to a one destination entry.

Hope everyone is safe and warm during all of this snow!


JaneGS said...

I'm a devotee of Victorian Brit Lit as well, so visiting the Bronte moors, Dickens' London, for starters would be cool.

Having recently finished Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff, I've got to put Rome and Alexandria, circa 44 B.C. on the list too!

Susan (Reading World) said...

I'm re-reading Pride and Prejudice with my daughter now, and remembering how much I love Austen. It would be interesting to go and observe, but I don't think I would behave properly!

mel u said...

Great choices-I picked Rome in 50 BC and London in the time of Samuel Johnson

gautami tripathy said...

Nothing like the present times for me! And would love to visit each and every part of the world..

Here is my Literary Blog Hop: Setting (time or place) post!

parrish lantern said...

I'm guessing you're visiting at a high social level, in which case the clothes are fantastic, if not you're in rags lol

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Hove you ever read Fay Weldon's Letter to Alice? I can highly recommend it. Amid all the lace and romanticism, Weldon reminds us how hard, and painful, and smelly life in Austen's England was. How awful toothache could be without effective painkillers, let alone any more serious illness. I love Austen too - just elaborating on the comment above!

LBC said...

The clothes would be awesome, but I definitely wouldn't want to wear them. To echo the post above, one of the fun facts I learned while planning my wedding was that, flowers were originally used to mask the odor of so many people gathered in an indoor space. Smelly indeed.

Here is my response to the hop:

Elizabeth said...

I love the clothes during that time period as well.

Great choice....stopping by ALL the blogs to read all these great answers.

Stop by my blog to see my answer.