Monday, November 17, 2014

Life Update

Where to start?
I'm sorry seems as good a place as any.
I've neglected this blog. School got heavy and my free time got light. I took naps when I could have been reading. I watched every episode of How to Get Away with Murder four times over (guys are you watching? It's SO good!) I haven't finished a book in a month. 
This is the first time that I actually haven't had time for blogging here and it feels strange. I did many huge, time eating projects for my undergrad and somehow had the most productive reading years of my life. Now I'm straining to focus on a few pages of a novel as I wait for class or opt for checking twitter during breaks at work instead of sneaking in 15 minutes of book time.

In short:

I've been busy and obsessed with technology. Please forgive me.

Historically I read more in the winter. It's cold and I don't like driving in the snow - which is already on the ground here. Send help! So I'm hoping to get back into my old groove soon.

So look at this as a thank you for sticking around during an unplanned hiatus. I promise when I'm a full fledged librarian there will be posts all the time. It's just getting there that's proving problematic.