Thursday, September 24, 2009

July Reading 1/2

Milan Kundera

A novel born out of a gesture observed from a middle aged woman to her swim instructor. I've got to say, Kundera is nothing if not thought provoking. I did love reading about Goethe and Bettina, and then about the immortal Hemingway and Goethe. Though I wouldn't want Agnes life, it is interesting, her husband is dull, her daughter typical and her sister a self centered bitch. I suppose some would relate to Laura more, but I'm not that dramatic or self involved. Things repeat, a man obsessed with the number of lovers he has emerges and it turns out the only one that mattered was Agnes. The most confusing thing really was Kundera inserting himself into the story and interacting with Paul, and his friend Av...Averuan(yeah that's not right but i'm not going to look it up) wanting Laura and using Paul as an lawyer.

overall not bad, not my favorite. It did give me a lot to think about


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