Thursday, September 24, 2009

January Reading 2/2

When You Are Engulfed in Flames, David Sadaris

As the world probably knows, i am not a fan of memoirs, self help books and various other forms of non fiction, but Sadaris is the exception to my rule. A pleasant read, The majority of the stores are broken down enough that you can comfortably read them in a short sitting. All but the last, and my personal favorite Smoking Section. I always find addictions fascinating, and the way Sadaris writes of the start and finish of his weezing life is hilarious and heart felt. On a side note: Antique houses, bad art, and going to Tokyo to quit smoking. All fantastic in my mind.
Sarah's Rating: Structure: A
Story: A-

Animal Farm, George Orwell

Not going to go into long description's for a short classic. Animals represent Stalinist Russia. A very quick and interesting read. I must say that the Russian History class i took has made for some interesting insight into a lot of things, but especially this.
Sarah's Rating: Structure: A
Story: B+

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