Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Artful Series That Made Classics Accessible

One of my reading goals for 2013 was to include some classics in my contemporary literature/celebrity memoir haul. I was lucky to discover Melville House's The Art of the Novella series at the end of last year. In a fit of holiday shopping that saw me spending equal money on my friends and family as I was spending on myself (I'm really bad at Christmas shopping but really good at buying myself things, oops) I invested in a superscription to get 2 novella's sent to me each month.  So far it's been a great way to expose me to classic authors that I would have steered away from otherwise.

So far I've gotten two months worth of stories, and a tote bag! They're short enough to read in one sitting with a nice cup of tea. I'm also a huge fan of the minimalist covers. They look great both on my shelf and in my purse, where they're small enough to easily carry.

This past month I found a Mark Twain story I actually liked! Before that I found a Melville story that didn't involve a whale in my mailbox. I've been very pleased with the variety thus far and am looking forward to being exposed to more renown authors through their shorter works!

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