Friday, February 1, 2013

Beautiful Darkness - Garcia/Stohl

Beautiful Darkness
Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Nothing has been the same for Ethan Wate since Lena's sixteenth moon. Now she's pulling away from him and the presents of a smart-as-a-whip British blonde isn't helping matters. When Lena finally breaks their connection and goes off with her dark cousin and the mysterious John Breed Ethan will do everything in his power to find and save her.

I may scoff at YA but when I'm hooked on a series I'm hooked. So please bear with me as I go down the rabbit hole that is The Caster Chronicles.. Right now I cannot get enough of Gatlin, SC, and it's inhabitants - both Caster and Mortal! For me, the beauty of a long series is already having an established world, and that's one of the things that makes Beautiful Darkness shine. It's 500 plus pages focus much more on story and character development, and only bring in a few new elements, like the Caster Tunnels and the Great Beyond (both of which were super cool, yo). I loved the back story that was developed for Macon and Ethan's mother.

I was pleased by how much was revealed about the Casters world, which is really the break and butter of the series. There was a lot of exposition about both Dark and Light casters, as well as other Incubuses along with new knowledge about how Mortals can contribute to this "other" world. With these new developments comes a new character, Liv, a keeper in training who quickly became my favorite new addition to Gatlin. Even though Liv introduces a love triangle, it is one that is necessary and came across as very realistic.

Overall I'm very happy I stuck with The Caster Chronicles as a series. The only real issue that I had continue from the first book to the second was Ethan's whiny nature. Oh, and the length can be a bit of a problem.  Beautiful Darkness does drag in part and has very uneven pacing. This didn't end up being a huge problem but if you're not already sold on the series it could put a huge damper on your reading experience.

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