Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back Story - David Mitchell (no, not the novelist)

For those of you who know of David Mitchell (no, not that David Mitchell) you probably think he's a tweedy posh nerd with OCD that couldn't get out three sentences without self depreciating, and judging from his Soapboxes, panel show appearances and work with Robert Webb you wouldn't be alone.  David Mitchell: Back Story will take those notions and while it won't put them to rest it will at least give you the full picture. Here you'll find stories of a David growing up in Oxford as a boy more likely to be playing Downton era dress up than kicking around a ball, cross dressing in school plays and in general worrying about life.

The celebrity memoir is a tricky thing. Too much detail and you risk appealing only to obsessed fans, too much time spent on a well adjusted childhood appears boastful and dull. Here is where David really shines. Using a long walk around London as a springboard for his memories he provides the right balance of childhood anecdote, high school pit falls and Cambridge living before going full force into the comedy life he so clearly wanted. The chapters on his early life in London and the second time meeting his future wife are particularly amusing and moving.

Now there's a man who knows how to live life. 

Overall: If You're not a fan of David Mitchell you probably wouldn't be interested in his life story, but even if you find him mildly amusing Back Story is a very funny quick read.

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Ignacio Mascaro said...

Hi, cool review. We just filmed his new book trailer, paperback came out today. For anyone reading this blog they may be interested in watching David talk about the book, you can see it here on Youtube, there will also be a number of follow up episodes where he talks about the walk around London, his bad back and makes hilarious observations about his own life. Watch the Trailer and related videos here