Monday, January 28, 2013

Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters

My Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters 

1. Lena Duchannes
I'm on a Beautiful Creatures kick. Though while I'm speeding through the series there is always something that irks me. That something is usually a girl with two different colored eyes who's saying things like "I know it's about me". I get that she is a pretty important person in the Caster world and that without her there would be no books at all but I am so frustrated with her attitude.

2. Holden Caulfield
Speaking of attitude  I think we can all agree the Holden is the king of attitude problems. Plus he lacks basic understand of pretty much anything. I love him to death but there is a reason why Catcher In the Rye loses it's appeal past the age of 20.

3. Jane Eyre
Oh plain boring Jane, I'm sorry your life sucks. I'm sorry you're in love with a deeply disturbing married man. But do you really have to be so tedious all the time? You are the reason why I won't give Charlotte Bronte another chance.

4. Mrs. Bennett
Can we all agree she is the most frustrating Bennett? I know Lydia can be pretty bad, but when you look at her role model you can hardly expect anything more from her. Quick Happy Publication Birthday shoutout to Pride and Prejudice (a day late!).

5. Anna Karenina
This titular heroine is obsessive, destructive and cringe inducing. Frustrated is really the discription of my feelings during the last 200 pages of Anna Karenina. Her constant fights with Vronsky and her parinoia did me in and I found myself wishing she'd have made her fateful journey tot he train station a quarter of a book sooner.

6. Alexei Karenin
Where Anna was descending into madness Alexei was cool and rational. It's his rational that actually made him frustrating. Any man who responds to the confessions of an unfaithful wife by just asking her to come back home really ruins the drama of the relationship. Really he's just my least favorite character in Anna Karenina and I find them all sort of frustrating.

7. All the kids in A Series of unfortunate events
They're just the worst orphans. Why can't they do anything right?!?!

8. Margaret Hale
I'm not the biggest fan of North and South and I'm-too-good-for-the-North Margaret Hale is the reason why. She is stubborn and opinionated and insulting. I'm having a hard time articulating just how much I dislike her. To make up for this here is a picture of Richard Armitage in the BBC mini series of North and South. He's good times.

9. Percy Weasley
The only Weasley who, when present with all the facts, chooses to ignore them in favor of advancing his career.

10. Katniss Everdeen
I love The Hunger Games, and I love Katniss, but her self sacrificing demeanor can be really trying. 


Li @ said...

I was trying to think of something to say but then I saw that picture of Richard Armitage and it all just disappeared lol. He was perfect as Mr. Thornton <333 (it was also the show where I first laid eyes on the wonderful actor lol)

Interesting points you made on the characters from Anna Karenina. I just felt sad for everyone involved in Anna's side of the story at the end than frustrated with how they were unable to reach some kind of compromise or headway in their respective situations.

Here's my list of 10 irritating/frustrating characters =)

Danica Page said...

I agree with you on Mrs. Bennett and yep Jane Eyre can be really annoying. Anna was frustrating for me too but for different reasons.

Great picks.

Here's mine

~Danica Page @Taking it One Page at a Time

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

I am SOOOOO with you on Katniss, Percy and Lena!

Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings

Sarah said...

Oh man I almost put Katniss on my list as well, but I figured she might be showing up on several lists so I was nice and left her off.

Liesel K Hill said...

Aww, I totally forgot about Holden Caufield! Everyone made such a big deal about Catcher in the Rye and I freakin' hated that book! Great list!
My TTT. Happy Tuesday! :D

Angelica @ Paperback Princess said...

What a great list. I've been seeing quite a lot of characters lately, that is similar to Anna Karenina; they are such difficult and unlikeable characters and yet they remain one of the main characters of the book!Oh well, I suppose there wouldn't be a storyline if all characters were doing the right thing.

Please stop by and check out my Top Ten list.

Paperback Princess

Ashling86 said...

I totally agree about Mrs. Bennett and Percy Weasley. And I also agree with Li's comment too. It's really hard to think clearly when there's a gorgeous picture of Richard Armitage to distract me. :)

But you're right about Margaret Hale. I've started North & South three times and have yet to finish it because of Margaret.

Here's my TTT

Lady In Read said...

agree with Percy, Jane, and Mrs. Bennet (I have Lydia on my list! but agree with your comment on her role model)..

Ciska van der Lans said...

Ah Yes Anna Karenina... She was pretty frustrating indeed though I am not sure if it was really her or the whole book. Great list of people :)

Kelly @ Dandelion Dreams said...

Great list! Lena, Alexei Karenin and Katniss all made my list too!

Kelly @ Dandelion Dreams
My Top Ten

Anonymous said...

Very classical list. Especially liked the Catcher in the Rye reference. :)
My list makes me look much less well read.

BookSmartie said...

Hey, I really like that you picked Lena - although I love the series especially in Beautiful Darkness she got on my nerves sooo much! I think that gets better in the last two books, though!

Victoria Hooper said...

Haha, poor Jane Eyre! But yes, I agree :-) And Percy Weasley, yes! Spent the whole last few books wanting to slap him.

Here's my Top Ten.

Kay said...

Precy Wesley is a good pick! I almost forgot about how frustrating he was, or about him in general.

Great list!

My Top Ten

Stephanie Allen said...

I'm reading Beautiful Creatures right now, and definitely find Lena annoying. The only reason she didn't make my list is because I haven't finished the book yet...

Leela said...

Oooo I totally forgot to include Mrs Bennett. I sometimes want to strangle her hehe.

But Holden is a teenager, he is going through stuff and he'll change in the future and marry me, I mean, he will change his attitude ;)

Becki said...

I have sadly not read all of these books, but many of them are on my TBR list. I'll get to them at some point. Those I have read, I mostly agree with, other than the fact that I felt Anna Karenina was incredibly compelling. I loved her and the novel, both times that I've read it.

As somebody who has done quite a bit of writing about The Hunger Games, I do have to confess that I find Katniss to be annoying. At one point I enjoyed her a good deal more than I wound up liking her after getting feedback on some of those writings, since ultimately Peeta is really the hero of these novels. He's the one who endures the greatest tragedies and still comes out of it as steadfast as he ever was. Tragedy changes Katniss (as it would, all things considered) but there are certainly moments that I feel her overall personality detracts from the stories rather than supports them.

It's still one of my favorite series of all time, and certainly my favorite young adult series of all time!