Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tweeting while Fictional

"The threat 'over my dead body' would be more effective if phrased 'over the dead body of the last idiot who didn't do what I wanted'."

One of my favorite things on twitter are the fake accounts for fictional characters. My favorite of which are God_Damn_Batman and Lord_Voldmort7. So while I was watching Voldy tweet about his ever growing hate of  Justin Beiber this evening I started thinking - who else would be remarkably funny on twitter? Now I haven't actually gone looking for any of these people, but here is what I would like to see:

Mrs Bennett - She'd be absolutely hilarious - ranting about Mr. Bennett, trying to marry off Kitty and Mary and generally ranting about celebrities and silly things.

Dumbledore -  I'm picturing the opposite of Voldmorts account, with whimsical musings and confusing advise. Oh, and some angry, butt kicking moments.

Holden Caulfield -  "Everyone on twitter is a bunch of phonys." I'd be amazing.

Bridgett Jones - I'd love to see her babbling about her life. "alcohol units consumed - 5  - must do wash."

Robert Langdon - How much better would everything be if instead of having to read The Lost Symbol we just had someone behind a Tom Hanks picture offering up false, but interesting facts?

Dorian Gray's Portrait - "Hey D - please stop ruining everyones lives, you left the mirror on the other side of the room uncovered and I'm making myself sick."

Are there any character's you'd like to see on twitter?


Reading Rachel said...

Dumbledore tweets would be fantastic! Bridget Jones would also be good times. Now I'm off to follow Voldemort's tweets.

BookQuoter said...

I personally would like to read Snape's tweets!

Jen said...

Such a fantastic post! Some of my favorite fictional tweeters are Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, Buddy The Elf, and Darth Vader.

Lucia said...

Oh what a funny post! I'm personally frightened of twitter, but Mma Ramotswe from The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency would be entertaining.

Nila said...

R.Patt's hair, not fictional I know but I would still love to read it's view on life from the top ha!
As well as Saruman from LOTR. The wickedness would be entertaining.

Lily Child said...

I follow Voldmort as well. HILARIOUS! His tweats always crack me up! :P