Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer at Hogwarts - Spells and Enchantments

Hello Everyone! Hope all of you're enjoying you're NEWT subjects and having fun traveling through other people's memories. I'm back with another Quiz! This one a bit more creative - if you will - and fits right in with the Prince's potions book.

Quiz #9: What would be you're favorite spell or enchantment? It doesn't have to be one mentioned in the series, it can be something you've thought up yourself or just think is a good idea. Try to remember the basic principles of Rowlings Magic as you're creating.

I'm very impressed with so much of the magic that appears in the Harry Potter series so I know I'll have a hard time just picking one spell that I'd think was most useful. However I've had a weird week, and it left me with a very vivid idea for a mildly amusing and annoying spell. You see, every day since Sunday I've had long periods of time where I'd swear it was a Thursday. Yesterday I went so far as to drive home thinking I didn't have to work the next day and smiling at the idea of being able to find an upload of one of my favorite shows that airs on Thursday nights. This continued through the lovely glass of wine I had with my parents and the episode of NCIS I watched until I went to look for said upload. I looked and looked and was becoming angry when I saw the date. The 14th. Not the 15th. It was a Wednesday. This incident was the last straw (and day before Thursday) where I concluded that some kind of everyday feels like Thursday spell would be right up the prince's spell inventing ally. It would confuse people on homework assignments and work schedules and give everyone that weekend yearning that is so distracting.

Oh, and I've decide my favorite real spell would be a summoning charm.

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Becky (Page Turners) said...

Funny idea. I am not sure what mine would be. I think a spell to block out annoying sounds. I am so sensitive to noise, I find it hard to concentrate when someone is eating next to me or listening to music. My spell would be like a very directed silencio spell.