Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer at Hogwarts - Magical Creatures

As we've just finished (or are about to finish) our OWLS i think it's safe to say that we're going to need more Quizzes to successfully pass our NEWTs.  I'm here with our first NEWT worthy quiz!

Quiz #8: What is your favorite Magical Creature? We've seen dozens of unique and interesting creatures over the past five Hogwarts years, and I'm sure some of us have a copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them handy so use this knowledge and tell me which creature you want to cuddle! (Or watch from a distance. Depending on danger level.)

I've been putting off this quiz for a while because I'm having a hard time coming up with an answer. Like most girls I think Unicorns would be cool to be around, but I think overall my favorite magical creature would have to be the Hippogriffs. Assuming I could gain the respect of one I think I'd really like to have one around.


Vicki said...

Definitely, without at doubt, 100% werewolves are my favorite. And no, I don't have delusions about mixing series - Jacob isn't a werewolf, as far as I'm concerned - I just like Rowling's least those in the book. The movie's version was horrible. I hope they're not too messed up in the 7th.

Jasmyn said...

DRAGONS! I'd want to raise it from its baby-dragon state, a la Norbert. And obviously it would have to be one of the mild-mannered ones, like a Welsh Green or an Antipodean Opaleye (yes, I do have my copy of 'Fantastic Beasts' on hand).

Also, if Cornish Pixies were trainable, they'd be one hell of a good time.