Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer at Hogwarts - Sorcerers Stone

Hello fellow Muggles! We're now five days into our class syllabus and that puts us at the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers (Philosopher's) Stone. I hope at least a few of you have burred your noses in the first chapter of Harry's life.

Now instead of reviewing a book I obviously enjoy and have read previously I want to talk about what I discovered on this read.

Like most people I've talked Harry Potter with I was never really a fan of the first few chapters. I always through they were slow, without much information and generally the reason why I start most of my Harry Marathons sometime after the first book. This time through I was surprised that I enjoyed the first three chapters. I enjoyed the contrast between the everyday Muggle world and the Wizarding world and enjoyed seeing Harry's struggle in a world he doesn't belong.

The other thing that I hadn't really noticed before was this overwhelming theme (i'm not sure if theme is really the right word here, but oh well)  of everything being new. Harry's first year at Hogwarts is full of firsts, friends, Quidditch, magic and respectable role models. Through the book Harry is commenting on new this community is to him. What really brought this full circle for me was at the the end of the gangs first stay at Hogwarts where Harry is thinking that he will  never forget the day that he won the House cup-
It was the best evening of Harry's life, better than winning at Quidditch or Christmas or knocing out mountain trolls...he would never, ever forget tonight.
I guess what really made this stand out for me is that, in the course of the whole series these events are pretty trivial, but for Harry as a character they are the foundation of his new life. These are the first things that really bring him happiness and thrust him into his new life, and us into his story.

Now I'd like to hear from you, even if you haven't been reading along:
-What stood out for you on this read that you never noticed before?
-Is there anything you would have changed in Sorcerers Stone? (what would you have liked to see more/less of, earlier introductions of characters or plot devices, anything!)
-Would you have been able to get the stone out of the mirror?
and a slightly more personal question, bust since the mirror of erised doesn't appear again in a significant way
-What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and jump right into Chamber of Secrets!


Anonymous said...

What stood out! I blame this on skim reading( I didn't like the first few chapter either, glad to know I'm not the only one.) but I didn't notice that Harry went back to the Dursleys after meeting Hargrid or that the Dursleys took Harry to the train station.( It wasn't untill the train that I really started reading.)

There nothing I would change however I would like something to be explained. On page 85, Mr. Olllivander talks about Voldemont brother but,after that nothing. I've always been a little curious about that.

Get the stone out of the mirror. Yes and No. The first time I read sorceres's stone yes, now no.

What would I see in the Mirror of Erised. That's a very interesting question, one I'm not sure I have a answer to, but wouldn't it be awesome if I could look and see.

Anonymous said...

i've actually always loved the first few chapters. mcgonagall as a stern-looking cat and dumbledore with his lemon drops and ah, marvelous.

i always wonder if dumbledore told the truth about the mirror and the socks. it doesn't seem very like him to outright lie, but i have a hard time believing that a pair of woolen socks is his heart's deepest desire.

i have no idea what i would see in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

also i like the bloomsbury editions.