Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer at Hogwarts - Rate Your Professor

Hello fellow Potter readers. Here is your Quiz for Goblet of Fire, a little late but better then nothing!

Goblet of Fire deals with many of the same things that we've seen in the previous three books. We've dealt with Animagi, Hogwarts Houses, Classes, and various other things. This is one of the reasons this quiz is so late. I've had a hard time coming up with things for you to think about, or more accurately, for you to think about intelligently in the Harry Potter universe.

Quiz #6: Who's your favorite professor/staff member at Hogwarts?

And of course, my slightly long winded answer is...

Professor Mcgonagall. She reminds me a lot of one of my favorite teachers in high school, strict, but in a loving way and always willing to help those in her house so long as it is in their best interests. I could easily see myself becoming  a little bit of a teachers pet to her and working hard to earn her respect.
In a similar fashion I think Flitwick is really cool, but I think I'd always be to shy to be on great, chummy terms with him.

Again, sorry for the late post. I'll make it up with some extra ones for Order.

If you're new to Loving Books or Summer at Hogwarts and are interested in seeing previous quizzes they can be found here

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Jasmyn said...

I agree! My favorite's McGonagall and I'd LOVE to take her class. She was the teacher you absolutely had to respect, but who still had that wink of a sense of humor. And, for his short tenure, Lupin was a great teacher.

I also remember loving Professor Sprout for some reason, but maybe that's the movie version blurring with the book version of her, lol. The "Right, well, just leave him there" moment in Chamber of Secrets (movie) still cracks me up.

lilithlee said...

My is also Mcgonagall, for her fairness.. I like both book and movie verison.

JaneGS said...

Have to agree about McGonagall and Flitwick, though of course, Gilderoy Lockhart is a favorite character because he's so horrific--his class would've been a nightmare!

embodythewind said...

Remus, of course - but in terms of the long-standing professors, I'd have to agree with the McGonagall love. I love the moments when she interacts with Dumbledore, they have a wonderful relationship - it's really established in that first chapter of book one, and from there you just see glimpses of it. She's fab.