Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bookish Resources - Holy Crap Life Is Busy Edition

You'd think that by nature of working at a library now I'd be up in all the literary news. But alas the stacks I maintain are used more for museum research than leisure reading. This paired with a concentration in Digital Content instead of public librarianship has lead me to feel a little, but not entirely, out of the bookish loop.

Since I am currently working my way through two tomes, in an ill advised attempt to finish my 2016 checklist (that I am woefully behind on.) In lieu of a review this week I've come up with a fail-proof list to keep overwhelmed grad students, or just generally busy people in the bookish loop when there is zero time to read.

All The Books - Book Riot - Podcast
2016 is the year I discovered podcasts. After devouring every history and politically related title I could find on podcast republic I started to look for book based listens. All The Books is the podcast that made me excited to read again. Having a weekly list of titles being released means I usually add one or two to my good reads shelves, and now am not entirely blindsided by the new release section at the book store. Liberty and Rebecca are the best, and I love how excited they get every week just to talk about books. They're truly infectious!

Literary Hub & Electric Literature (because do I really need to also include Book Riot?!)
LBR I spent more than half the time I was in library school working at a credit union that offered no mental stimulation but lots of internet access. These were sites I checked daily in hopes of finding a fun list or insightful article (or snippet of fiction) to keep my brain from oozing out of my ears. I highly recommend each, even though i'm sure I'm preaching to the converted.

Flavorwire's book section has been my go to for quick book news updates and release info for going on six years. It's not always the most innovative, and occasionally the changes of contributors feels jarring, but I still always find myself coming back for more.

Oh, you might notice that despite increased commutes and the like audio books make no appearance on this list. I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to listen and retain to them. If you have any tips or recs please send them my way!

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