Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Authors I've Never Read

Top Ten Popular Author's I've Never Read

1. Zadie Smith
Given my reading taste I should be all about Zadie Smith. I've tried to read a few of her books but I've always given up within the first few chapters (thus I don't count her as an author I've read, even if I've attempted to read her work.) I'm honestly surprised I haven't forced myself to read White Teeth. I should really get on that.

2. Gillian Flynn
In my February in Review post I talked about how I accidentally ordered Gone Girl in Spanish. This incident caused me to make this face for hours. I wasn't able to return the rouge copy and have since considered learning Spanish just so I can avoid spending another 20 dollars on a book I already tried to buy. These are my less than literary reasons for not reading Gillian Flynn

3. Michael Chabon
Chabon is another author who should fall right into my wheelhouse. If one were to make an author cloud he would definitely fall right in the middle of my favorites. I actually just discovered that I do own two of his books, so that's half the battle right there!

4. Roald Dahl
When everyone talks about their favorite childhood reading memories inevidably someone brings up a Dahl classic. The only problem is that 100% of the time I haven't read it. Matlida, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach. None of these books were a part of my formative years and I feel like I'm a little too old to get into them now. Maybe if my parents had been bigger readers I would have found my way to these young classics at the right age, but alas they weren't and I didn't.

5. Stephen King
I don't like horror movies. Therefore when I saw a trailer that was said something like "From the mind of Stephen King" I made a mental note to stay far away. Now that I'm older and have friends who absolutely adore Mr. King I should probably revisit that policy, but the truth is when I look at some of his plots I'm just not interested.

6. Agatha Christie
My grandmother loves a good mystery novel. My grandmother loves Agatha Christie. I, as of yet, have not turned into my grandmother.

(that is not to call all Christie lovers old, or grandmothers, I'm just not a big mystery fan.)

7. David Foster Wallace
It goes against sense that I made it through my bachelors degree without finishing one DFW collection. I have half a shelf dedicated to his work. Okay, Infinite Jest takes up most of that shelf, but I do have a few of his short story collections that I've never touched.  I've always been a bit intimidated by his work. He's supposed to be so brilliant and I haven't found myself up for the challenge.

8. Bret Easton Ellis
He's a modern day classic. I think he's a hilarious person. I just haven't gotten around to his books.

9. JRR Tolkien
For as much as I love Harry Potter, A Game of Ice and Fire and all the current YA series that are flooding the market it seems a bit strange that I've never gotten into Lord of the Rings. The movies irritated me. My friends fangirling over Frodo put me off everything hobbit related. There are few things I am more sure of than the fact that I will never read Lord of the Rings.

10.C.S. Lewis
Can't I just watch the Narnia movies?

When I started this list I thought "there are so many popular authors this has to be easy! It turns out that I'm really good at reading 'it' books as soon as they come out. Who knew?


Idea-ist said...

On CS Lewis you can watch the movies, but the books have way more depth...As for Tolkien who I adore, I loved both the movies and the books, but the books are very different...And by different I mean, if you thought the movies were long...The books were so much longer! @Get Lost in Lit

Michelle Reed said...

I've read JRR Tolkien and Gillian Flynn, the others I haven't, some I haven't heard of. Thanks for sharing and bringing new authors to my attention :)
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Aimee said...

Roald Dahl is the best! You're never too old for those books :) I've never read any Stephen King either, I've seen a few films based on his novels but never got round to reading the novels!