Sunday, March 2, 2014

February In Review

Twenty eight days has never felt so long. Seriously, what happened February? Did someone spit in your coffee? 

February was a weird month for me. Here in Southeastern Michigan it only spent a handful of days above freezing. The roads were full of pot holes and the entire population fed up with anything winter. Even as I type this it's snowing. I know it may seem like a bit over dramatic to give the weather so much credit over my mood, but I've been living in an eternal winter and i don't see any Ice Castles anywhere. Honestly I'm waiting for white walkers to come and destroy us all.  

I started the month off strong. I finished Elanor and Park within the first few days. I loved it! I'd just gotten a ton of books in the mail! My friend was starting Gone Girl and I was going to read with her...Only the copy of Gone Girl I ordered was mysteriously in Spanish. By the time I'd discovered this error I couldn't return it. I spent and entire night making a sour face. 

This was the start of my short month downfall. I toyed with a few other books but never really got over my disappointment of not being able to read the book I wanted RIGHT THEN. By the time I was ready for my next Book Jar read I was fed up with the weather and my own inability to commit to a book longer then a hundred pages. Unfortunately I picked out an Austen novel that just didn't fit my mood. Then I went to Chicago. I had a great time. More snow meant more one on one time with my best friend, however even a three hour Amtrak delay couldn't get me to finish my current read, Northanger Abbey. Actually an extra week and plenty of free time couldn't get me to finish it. It's been on my To Do list for weeks. 

So farewell February, I'm not sorry to see you go. Tell March I'm ready for some amazing things. It better not let me down. 

Books Read: 2
8. Eleanor And Park - Rowell
9. One More Thing - Novak

American Authors: 2
European: 0
African: 0
South American: 0
Asian:  0

Male: Female: 1

New Releases: 1

Jar Books: 0

Challenge Books:0

When I have months like this I just think back to two years ago when I wasn't reading at all. It puts a lot, like a busy month where I only finished two measly books, into perspective. 

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Shannon@BooksDevoured said...

I don't know how you do it! I could not stand to be that cold for so long. We have been having an abnormally cold winter here in SC and I am hating it! I totally understand about your mood being effected!

I am hoping to get my hands on Eleanor and Park soon, I have heard great things!

I hope it warms up soon; for both of us!