Friday, February 7, 2014

January in Review

Hello! Remember January? I hope you do. It was only a week ago. January was a lot of things. It was cold, It was snowy. It was long. January was so long guys.


The only thing that made the subzero temperatures and feet of snow worth it were the books I fell into. I was lucky enough to find a new favorite series and some really hilarious reads to make being snowed in for days tolerable. Really, without these awesome books I'd have gone crazy as soon as I had finished all the Wes Anderson movies I got for Christmas.

January 2014
Books Read: 7
1. The Dinner - Koch
2. Divergent - Roth
3. Insurgent - Roth
4. Allegiant - Roth
5. Hyperbole and a Half - Brosh
6. Paris, My Sweet - Thomas
7. No One Belongs Here More Than You - July

American Authors: 4
European: 1
African: 0
South American: 0
Asian:  0

Male: 1 Female: 4

New Releases: 0

Jar Books: 1

Challenge Books: 2

The only thing I really accomplished this month was finishing more books than I did in the last four months of 2013 combined. I did an awful job of reading outside of my comfort zone. White American's are my bread and butter (not that this is a shocking statement, I think a lot of people find this to be true) but it was one of my 2014 goals to read authors from other places. Hopefully in February I can sneak in another Continent. Despite all those leering zero's I still feel like I had a really good start to 2014 and I'm excited to see what bookish things the rest of the year brings.

Did you read anything amazing in January? Leave me some recommendations in the comments!

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