Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Insurgent - Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth

Chicago is in chaos. A simulation has turned an entire faction into a mindless army and brought an already divided society to the brink of war, - all because of a huge government secret. Now Tris and Four are determined to find a way to expose the truth and save the innocent. With the help of all the factions, plus the mysterious factionless it should be easy, right? 

I finished Divergent* in record time. Like, I raced through it. It was all I thought about. I talked about it to everyone (sorry friends).  I had no choice. It was everything I wanted in a winter read.  I had  to start Insurgent immediately. Thankfully Veronica Roth knew what I needed. Insurgent picks up right where Divergent left off.

Insurgent is very much the second book in a trilogy. We're past learning about the factions and the characters that inhabit them. Now we're onto secrets and plot points every couple pages. It doesn't feel like the story over lags or meanders anywhere self indulgent. It certainly doesn't feel it's 500+ pages, which is a surefire sign for me that I've found a really good book.

I've always appreciated that Roth didn't fall into the trap of the love triangle. Sometimes things between Tris and Four move fast but their relationship is what makes the series interesting. They argue, they make up, really they interact like real people.  Their interactions are always refreshing and create nice breaks in the chaos that is happening on almost every page.

My only complaint is that sometimes it feels like there is too much happening.  Tris and Four shoot about the city meeting new people and learning secrets for each of the five factions. Whenever there is exposition it's very in your face. You won't forget it but it isn't subtle.  Overall it's a very small complaint for a book I finished in a little more than a day.

I don't like to fall into series right when the movies are coming out but after finishing Insurgent I knew Veronica Roth was going to take her readers on a very powerful journey. Honestly it made being snowed in fun.

*I reviewed Divergent last week.

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