Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top Ten Books I'm Psyched to Tackle this Fall

Top Ten Tuesday

Book's I am excited to read this fall:

1 - 3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/ Half Blood Prince/ Deathly Hallows
I'm in the middle of an epic Harry Potter read through. Currently I'm making my way through Goblet of Fire, but the final three books obviously a must read for a enjoyable fall.

4. Fortunately, the Milk - Neil Gaiman
The second Neil Gaiman release of 2013, and this time a children's story! After Ocean at the End of the Lane and finally picking up American God's this year I'm excited to go back to the first version of Neil I encountered, that of a children's storyteller.

5. The Fallback Plan - Leigh Stein
Sometimes I'm a masochist. I watch Girls at 11 am on a Tuesday. That's what being part time at a financial institution and living with your parents let's you do. Though I'm sure Fallback Plan is going to hit way to close to home and give me a major case of the "listening to the National and dreaming of preschool" I can't wait to start it.

6. Fraud - David Rakoff
I've been looking for the David Sedaris sized hole in my future reading plans since finishing Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls back in April and purchased Rakoff's first essay collection. Fingers crossed I picked the right collection to start with!

7. The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

8. Bellman and Black - Diane Setterfield
I am equally excited Diane Setterfield's follow up the The Thirteenth Tale. I'm going to try and manage my expectations though, there are only so many "can't put it down" books one author can write.

9. White Teeth - Zadie Smith
This year I've been tackling authors that I've previously had little success with. I've tried reading three different Zadie Smith novels and have never gotten past the 100th page. I hear good things about White Teeth and if 2013 let me finish a Ian McEwan novel I sure hope it let's me finally form an informed opinion on Ms. Smith.

10. Necessary Errors - Caleb Crain
Error's came out this summer and is the one book I've bought for my Kindle this year that I haven't finished. This is unacceptable. You're next, buddy.

So those are my OMG I'M STOKED picks for fall. It's new releases and old favorites, dark and funny, second tries and new experiences. If that doesn't describe fall to a T I don't know what does.


Idea-ist said...

Harry Potter is always a good choice.

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