Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wading Through Bestsellers

At the Beginning of the year I read this post by Catherine McKenzie about how she planned to read to read the Top Seller on the New York Times Best Seller list for all 52 weeks of 2013. I was really interested by this idea, even if it wasn't a challenge I'd want to take on myself.

You see, I'm not one to turn my nose up to best sellers, but I don't seek them out. I don't want to read the latest Tom Clancy or James Patterson and certainly not the new Nicholas Sparks, instead I wait for gems like The Help or The Paris Wife to get some real attention before I give them my time. Really, I'm more likely to read a book based on reviews on goodreads than it's position on the Time's Best Seller chart.

Probably my insistence on  trusting a small amount of reviews in opposed to the masses is a bit snobbish. However, the masses are also the reason the new Dan Brown book will sit atop every list this summer, and the reason i'll begrudgingly read it and remember all over again how I don't like Robert Langdon, or his made up science of Symbolwhatsit and his insistence that there are conspiracy's everywhere.

So I tip my hat to Catherine McKenzie. I hope to find some gems from her reviews.

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