Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bookish Things are all the Rage

Bookish things are cool. Not just books, which are cool too, but things that are like books but not. For instance I'm really into You've probably seen their shirts around. They take classic covers, like this awesome iconic Catcher in the Rye image  and put them on super comfy shirts and the occasional hoodie.
Sadly, I only have this shirt, but I've been dying to get the Pride & Prejudice hoodie and the stylish but girly Great Gatsby top. While their clothes are fantastic, and alert you to fellow bookish folk like Threadless unites college students my favorite thing about Out of Print is that for every shirt they sell they donate a book to a community in need. 

If you don't want to cover your body with books how about your walls? Spineless Classics could be for you. High quality posters, framed or unframed with the entire text of a book in a cool design. 

While I love the designs on most of their posters, my favorite is the single sheet version of War and Peace. In case you're wondering, to hang that beauty in your house you'll need around 15 feet of free wall space to hang that in your house. Admittedly I haven't gotten anything from Spineless Classics yet, but I already know what my first home-warming present will be to myself the next time I move.  

Lastly there is the lovely Etsy. Of course I don't have enough time (or money, or space in my house) to try all the shops dedicated to all things bookish, but I can attest to the awesomeness of Brookish - A Jane Austen inspired shop. I'm a huge fan of her mugs

I have two, actually. Aside from the adorable mugs she has fantastic shirts and decorative items. 

So those are some of my favorite places to browse through bookish things. What about you? Do you like to flaunt your love for books on your sleeve or with things other than beautiful bookshelves? What are some of your favorite sties/stores to browse through? 

PS: I'm working on another Behind Every Girl is an Amazing Nail Polish post and would love to know which characters you'd like to see featured!


Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I adore Out of Print! I have the P&P hoodie and it's the most comfortable thing I own! I also have the Mockingbird T-shirt, but I've been eyeing the Great Gatsby one.

Red said...

I love those Spineless Classics prints. The Alice in Wonderland is probably my favorite one. I look forward to your next nail polish post!

JaneGS said...

One of my most regrettable non-buy decisions was when I passed up the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt with the fabulous Marxian (Groucho, that is) quote, "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read." I still wish I'd bought the shirt when I had the chance.

I rarely wear clothing that proclaims my love of anything other than muted earth colors, but I do tote a Jane Austen bag from time to time :)

Love the Catcher in the Rye t-shirt--never read the book though, and probably never will. Would love a Gatsby shirt, if only to say I own one.

Jillian said...

I love that wall frame art. Another blogger posted about it too and was very tempted to get a Harry Potter-related one. It would be so perfect!

Lily Child said...

Aw! I am totally loving this post! Thanks for sharing! :)