Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bookbinding + Harry Potter = The Best Final Ever

You may remember I was taking a bookbinding class last semester. You may also remember I took a crazy awesome Fantasy Lit class exclusively on Harry Potter. No big deal or anything. Well, I ended up combing my final projects and creating three books from the Harry Potter series. I was totally going to post pictures right after I finished them, but being with out camera or webcam my plans had to be put on hold UNTIL NOW.

My interpretation of Tom Riddles mass marketed diary - sold at a wizard Target near you! 

The Monster Book of Monsters! Made out of ripped up stuffed animals and googly eyes! (Note: Never sew through fake fur ever again. EVER)

Monster cover page!

My roommate drew a bunch of really awesome mythical creatures for me since I am about as artistic as a one armed blind lumberjack but my favorite is still the big ol' question mark she drew for the Boggart. 

The Half Blood Princes Advanced Potions Book. It is actually dented and has stains on the cover but the camera didn't pick that up.

Snape has feelings. 

And sometimes he invents spells.

And sometimes he uses Veritaserum on Lucius Malfoy to find his Cape and plays tic tac toe with Lily Evans.

There are also pages detailing Snape's plans to use Polyjuice Potion to turn into James Potter, snog Lily and then get James expelled, as well as Lily's schedule on the page behind Amortentia.


Jillian said...

Wow. How awesome. I would totally take this class if I was creative enough. Looks like a fun way to get an A!

Tipsy - said...

Those are such inventive creations! Bravo, I love the advanced potions book! :)

Jasmyn said...

Hahaha I forgot about all the stalker notes in the Potions book... And I think my favorite pic to do in the Monster Book was probably the grindylow :)