Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writing Frenzy

I was not able to complete a book this week due to the large amount of homework I had to finish before tomorrow. On the plus side my roommate and I did update our cooking through college blog over at, and I have half of a feature length screenplay written.

But since spring break is coming up, and I am broke here are a list of books I hope to finish over the next two weeks.
-The Time Travelers Wife (which I hope to finish before I leave for Michigan on Thursday)
-Arcadia Falls (If it comes in the mail before I leave)
-Jane Eyre
-The Graveyard Book (If I make it to the library before I leave)

Other than missing this week, I've been reading a pretty consistant pace this year, averaging about a book a week, I've been reading things that have been published over the past five years and have tried out a few Y.A. books that I wouldn't normal have picked up.

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Lily Child said...

The Time Travelers Wife and The Graveyard book are 2 excellent reads! Enjoy! Have fun on your spring break! :)