Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arcadia Falls

Arcadia Falls

Carol Goodman

Meg Rosenthal and her daughter Sally moves to storybook Arcadia after her husband dies and leaves them with nothing. She has lucked into a position teaching at an elite boarding school for artists. This is a dream job for Meg, as her dissertation will be on the fables written by the schools founders Vera Beecher and Lily Eberhardt. The school already has it's superstitions and an accident at the beginning of the year only reinforce the ideology of the school. 

Part fairy tale, mystery and historical fiction Arcadia Falls is a surprising gem. The characters are deep and interesting. They make the enchanting school of Arcadia even more realistic. Arcadia itself seems real, like the sleepy towns everyone dreams about at one time or another. The mystery itself is a little lack luster, but the information that is conveyed through Lily's journals is interesting and transporting. The projects the children do paired with the artwork and the Changeling Story give the artist atmosphere room to thrive. 

The structure and writing style wasn't perfect, and sometimes the twists seem overworked and a bit contrived but all in all this was a really fantastic read. I was very sorry for it to end. Definitely worth checking out if you're into fairy tale situations, historical fiction and a little tinge of mystery. 

My Rating 4/5

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