Friday, April 24, 2015

No Regrets, But Also No Reviews

I could make excuses, but they'd all involve the words Grad School, Writing, Fan Fiction, and Life. I didn't realize what adding another class to my schedule would do to my reading habits, let alone my reviewing and musing ones. It's actually strange. I'm studying to work with books, to preserve them, to do all of these things that make them more accessible but that currently means i have to steal time to enjoy them.
But the semester is nearly over and I'm done stealing.

To kick off an awesome summer full of trips and books and friends I'm participating in the Dewey Readathon for my fourth year. I'm super excited. There was a trip to the bookstore. I have an abundance of gummy bears. Really, things are going to be great.

I really miss writing here, and while you can more often than not find me reblogging pictures of pretty books and begging for recs on tumblr this is where my heart is. I love the format, and the way it helps me keep track of my reading life.

So I'm back, even if being back means once again just for the months between classes.

Get ready for some serious reading/blogging tomorrow.

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Jillian said...

Welcome back, Sarah. Blogging is such a great thing. I always find myself coming back too no matter how long it takes. Looking forward to more posts.