Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top Ten Summer TBR Books

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Books on my Summer TBR list

1. Landline - Rowell
I've read three Rainbow Rowell books this year. That's her entire bibliography. I've loved every word. When I heard about Landline earlier this month (don't ask me how I managed to avoid it this long) I nearly jumped out of my skin. It's not just that it's another Rowell book that has me jazzed. The premise sounds amazing, and what's more, it's out in under a month!

2. Isla and the Happily Ever After -Perkins
Perkins is another author I've discovered this year, and yes I have devoured both Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door within the last month. Honestly I thought Isla was already out when I started the series. Now I'm sad I have to wait till August to read another amazingly fluffy tale.

3. Gone Girl -  Flynn
This was the big blockbuster book of last summer and yet somehow I still haven't read it. It was actually on my winter and spring TBR list as well. I do actually want to read it. Thankfully summer means lots of time lounging outside, and since i don't know how to lounge without a book I think this will be the season I actually find out what all the Gillian Flynn fuss is all about.

4. IQ84 - Murakami
Every summer I pick a "project" book. One that's long, or supposedly difficult, or just has something that is going to make it my hard to get through. This year it's IQ84. I'm really excited about this one. I've already started it and even though I'm only 60 pages in I'm hooked. What's making it a project is it's length. I opted for the single bound paperback and am lugging around 1150 odd pages of amazing translation. It's not exactly what I'd call a beach read but I'm sure I'll get more than one sunburn from reading this one.

5. The Vacationers  - Sraub
Family vacations are ripe with drama, and that's what The Vacationers sounds like - family drama at it's finest. Seriously that's all I need to want to read this. I'm easy to please sometimes.

6. Friendship - Gould
After reading the blurb of Friendship I wanted to cry. It's not out for  It sounds like an episode of Girls meets real life. Maybe it ends up being one of those "millennial" novels that everyone wants to judge, but I know I'll be reading it.

7. Brideshead Revisited - Waugh 
I usually try to read at least one classic over the summer. The last several years I've been working my way through Jane Austen. Since I've already met my Austen quota this year with Northanger Abbey I think I'll settle comfortably into the 1900's with Waugh. I have a beautiful new copy of Brideshead that I'm looking forward to marking up.

8. This is Where I Leave You - Tropper
A few weeks ago I saw an article talking about the film adaptation of This is Where I Leave You. I recognized the title as being one of the It books of the past few years but sadly didn't know much about it. The cast for the film is stellar and after a little research (and discovering I bought a copy at a used book sale a few years ago) I moved it up my TBR list.

9. I Am Having So Much Fun Without You - Maum
This title's grown on me. Well, it's grown as much as something that I've side-eyed on all of my recent book store trips can. It sounds good. It's an interesting take on a failed relationship. I wish I had more giftcards so I could justify buying it now.

10. Rules of Attraction - Ellis
I'm having a really hard time finishing my latest TBR Jar pull. And by latest I mean the title I selected back in April. It's not even long. I really just need to hanker down and finish this so I can keep working my way through my ever growing jar of unread books.

I'm really excited about this summer. I've got a great mix of old and new, YA, contemporary lit, and classics lined up. What are you excited to read this summer?


Anonymous said...

I really hope you enjoy the books on your list this summer. I can't wait to read Landline.

Captivated Reader said...

Nice list! I think I'm going to have to add Landline to my reading wishlist as a lot of people are reading or are going to read this book this summer!!

LBC said...

I love this list. I can't wait for Landline and Friendship. Ellis can be a slow read and Rules of Attraction isn't my favorite, but you can do it!

Miriam Williams said...

I've really liked what Murakami I've read. 1Q84 looks like it'll be awesome.

Betty Books said...

Rules of Attraction was I book I struggled to get through too! You've got great picks for summer, I hope you get to them all :)