Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer in Review

Summer's been weird. Not weird in a bad way, more like weird in a I-have-a-new-puppy-a-have-kind-of-been-looking-for-a-job-and-life-is-full-of-surprises weird. Usually summer is where I get most of my yearly reading done, this year my numbers are down. Regardless I read some great books and am looking forward to a fall where my brother is back to school and Oskar the Pup has finished his training classes. 

In case you forgot, this is my little Cavashon, Oskar Wild (at 2 months)

Oskar has a new dog tag on Twitpic
He's much bigger at 5 months! 

Okay, you're here for books so I'll give you books!
Books Read:
Pride & Prejudice - Austen 

The Alchemist - Coelho
The Night Villa - Goodman
My American Unhappiness - Bakopolous

The Magician's - Grossman
The Ghost Orchid - Goodman
The Drowning Tree - Goodman
A Game of Thrones - Martin
Tree of Codes - Foer
The Secret Lives of Dresses - McLean
Slaughterhouse - Five - Vonnegut  
Total Number of Books Read This Summer: 11
Total Number of Books Read This Year: 30
Most Anticipated: 
Tree of CodesBiggest Let Down:
My American UnhappinessFavorite Read:
A Game of Thrones
Overall Reflection:

As I was saying before. This summer has been crazy. When I've had the time to read I've found myself fighting through things I haven't been enjoying instead of looking for something better suited to my moods. One of my goals for Fall is to actually put down books I'm not enjoying. Other than that I've actually started to use my kindle and I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed using it. Plus it was a lot easier than carrying around A Game of Thrones!

I hope you all had a good summer and keep reading!

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