Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Literary Hop - If Sienfeld was a Book

Should literature have a social, political, or any other type of agenda? Does having a clear agenda enhance or detract from its literary value?
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Chances are that if you reached double digits in the 90's or get TBS you've seen Sienfeld. You know, that show about nothing? I've always had mixed feelings about it. I love Sienfeld when I'm really bored and there is nothing else to do, but if there is anything on, and I mean anything I'll probably switch to that. You're probably wondering why I'm talking about a syndicated show that just won't seem to go away but I have a point, I swear.
No plot for you!

I won't read something about nothing. I don't need each book to have a really strong point of view with clear political ties and a message as big as the Hollywood sign, but I want there to be something. It can be something as simple as how solitude has effected a persons life, but even something as dull as a single person talking about their day to day life as a hermit speaks to how difficult a life like that would be in todays society. Really, I just need a little message, a hint that the author has something at stake in writing their work.  I guess this is my real problem with the mystery/thriller genre. It's more about the author finding the correct formula that will keep the reader guessing but still sound plausible than anything else, and I don't like formulas.


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I want a book to be about something but I don't want someone telling me how to live. I want an author to tell me his story and let me experience his tale.

Here's my post: "All a Poet Can Do is Warn."

Red said...

You know, I had trouble coming up with an example of a book without an agenda but formulaic mystery/thrillers! I guess their agenda is "how many of these books can I sell".

Tipsy - said...

Try on "The First Cut (Nan Vining Mysteries #1) by Dianne Emley. I was in the same boat as you until I stumbled upon that series... soo satisfying! Emley gives you the who-done-it right off the bat but her writing... ooo it's chillingly good.

Tipsy - said...

Or have you read the Monkeewrench series by P.J. Tracy? Those are great mystery thrillers too! And with humor!

LBC said...

I have mixed feelings about Seinfeld as well. I thought it was pretty funny when it was on, but I really can't watch it in reruns.

As for books, I also don't want to read about nothing (unless there is a reason you're writing about nothing...)

Here is my post (and a literary giveaway!)

ConnieGirl said...

Very interesting response to this question! I don't know that anyone wants to read about nothing, and yet not having an agenda doesn't necessarily mean it is about nothing.. Deb Nance said it well, that I don't want to read didactic books.

Thanks for joining the hop!