Friday, March 11, 2011

Computer Animated Potter

I've been really busy with coursework lately and have been reading Prisoner of Azakban for 2 weeks!  I'm dedicating tonight to reading (and cleaning, but this is not a cleaning blog) and hopefully will have a review, and a real bookish post for you tomorrow or Sunday. 

I do, however, feel very bad about neglecting Loving Books these past few weeks. So, in place of an actual book review or insightful musing I have some pictures for you! I'm not sure if you know this, but I'm a pretty big Sims fan. Not obsessive or anything, but its fun to play when I have enough free time. A little while ago I decided to make a bunch of literary sims, and of course got board after the original slew of Harry Potter characters I created. Since I'm reading the series now I figured I'd show you my Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny Sims. 

Meet Harry Potter
He is an lucky, family oriented, athletic, brave and good sim. His lifetime wish is to be an International Superspy. His favorite color is red, he likes indie music and his favorite food is cobbler. 

Meet Harry's BFF Ron Weasley 
He is a friendly but clumsy sim. He also has a good sense of humor, is brave and is good. His lifetime wish is also to be an International Superspy. His favorite color is Orange, he likes rock music and his favorite food is cheesesteak. 

The Voice of Reason - Hermione Granger 
Hermione is also a good sim and brave sim, but she is also a genius bookworm who happens to be a perfectionist. Her lifetime wish is Monster Maker, since SPEW related jobs don't exist in the sim world. Her favorite color is brown, she likes indie music and her favorite food is autumn salad. 

Last, But Not Least - Ginny Weasley
Ginny is ambitious, athletic, a daredevil and super flirty. She also has the brave trait.  Her lifetime wish is to be a Superstar Athlete. Her favorite color is blue, she likes indie music and her favorite food is goopy carbonara.

I'll return to posting regularly, promise, but right now I need to get ready for my Harry Potter class! Happy Friday everyone!


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