Thursday, January 6, 2011

Literary Hop - Back to the Start

It's time for another Literary Blog Hop. As always it's hosted by The Blue Bookcase
Literary Blog Hop

I really love this weeks question. 
"How did you find your way to reading literary fiction and nonfiction?"

I know a lot of people grew up in households where reading was key, with bed times stories that grew as they did to children's series, young adult and then eventually literary fiction playing huge roles in their lives. While I'm sure my parents red to me as a very small child, neither of them are readers and I had to find my way to the world of books by myself. 

It wasn't till middle school that I really started reading on my own, I tackled books that seemed interesting, but not always age appropriate. I read A Walk to Remember, and without more guidance and no other books at my home I ended up reading a large amount of Nicholas Sparks, and other similar books. It wasn't until high school that I became aware of more literary titles, and another two years until I started trying to read them on my own. It helped to have older friends who were English major's. One in particular introduced me to Nicole Krauss, Tim O'Brien and a lot more.  As I look back I'm figuring out that I needed someone else in my circle of friends that wanted to read as avidly as I did, and upon finding that person I was able to have real discussions and find some real gems. 

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parrish lantern said...

I was one of those who entered the world, with a book clenched in my grubby little fist, and although the fist has grown (& is cleaner, honest!) books are still there.
I think one of the reasons I blog, is that, there never has been that many individuals I've known that wanted to discuss books or were that deeply into them, over the years the odd one but thats all.