Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday's on Ice - Sedaris

David Sedaris 

Holiday's on Ice is a compilation of, you guessed it, holiday themed stories. These stories include Sedaris's short career as a Macy's elf, his sisters surprising friendship with a lady of the night and several fictional pieces. Several of these stories have been published in Sedaris's other collections, but come together here to create a fun, festive read.

Holiday's on Ice reads, mostly, like everything else I've read by Sedaris. I love the cynical tone he takes while writing about his life, and how he takes situations that to the average person would just be a family antidote and makes them into a laugh out loud essay. I've never been very impressed with Sedaris's attempts at fiction. Especially those in Holiday's on Ice. They read kind of flat, and while the Christmas letter was enjoyable, it was long and lost it's steam before it got to it's shocking finale.

Overall Holiday's on Ice was exactly what I wanted it to be. Holiday stories that made me laugh and reminded me that things could always be weirder then they are at my home. Isn't that what we're all looking for during the holidays? To know that we're not the only crazy ones?

Now that my love for Sedaris has been rekindled I can't wait to start Squirrel Seeks Chipmonk, maybe it'll change my mind about his fictional pursuits!



Anonymous said...

I really should get around to reading something by Sedaris. I have one of his books on my shelf, and I know that I would like his humor. I dunno what I've been waiting for.

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