Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Vintage Affair

A Vintage Affair

Isabel Wollff

Meet Phoebe Swift. She has just left her job to start a high end vintage clothing store, Village Vintage. She's in the middle of a bad break-up, her best friends death and her parents drama. With her Village Vintage taking off she is introduce to two very different but interesting love interests, meets a fascinating old woman and buys some awesome clothes.

Not being one who typically reads chick lit I am always surprised by how easy it is to get absorbed by the few good story's that exist in the genera. The characters are all pretty typical, but the Vintage shop is a nice touch and really makes the story interesting. There is an underlying World War II story that stretches throughout the novel and gives it more depth then expected. Overall it was a fun, super quick read (I read it in two days and it's 340 pages). If you're looking for the next great novel, you'll be sadly disappointed but if you're looking for a great escape for summer you're in for a good time.

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Priya Parmar said...

hello! i found you through the blog hop! i love the books you choose. chevalier is one of my favorites. do you like sally vickers?

Letter4no1 said...

@Priya Parmar Thanks! I really love Chevalier, I've gone through two copies of Girl With a Pearl Earring and my copy of Falling Angels is on it's last leg. I've never read Vickers but if she's anything like Chevalier I'll definitely have to check her out!

Priya Parmar said...

vickers is marvelous. try miss garnett's angel. it is a surprisingly gripping, seductive story--i loved it!