Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Summer at Hogwarts

Since I have recently hit 20 followers, I  wanted to try something interactive.

First, a back story. My college offers a class on fantasy literature, and one of the sections focuses completely on Harry Potter. Even though I'm going to be a senior in the fall I was not able to get into this magical class, and instead spent several hours last week watching special features on the special edition Harry Potter DVD's.

So, now for the plan. I want to reread the series, but I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in spending the month of July reading with me. It would be similar to a book club, but seeing as most people have already read the books this would be more about rediscovering favorite characters and story-lines, finding connections where you didn't see them before and overall just loving (or hating, whatever you like) J.K. Rowlings fantasy world.

I know most of us are fast readers, and that these books are like crack, but since everyone has busy lives and other things they would also like to read I'm instituting July be Harry Potter month. Starting the 1st of July everyone participating would start reading Sorcerer's Stone, and throughout the month I will post discussion promps. By the 31st (or Harry's Birthday, for those of you nerdy like me) we will have all finished Deathly Hollows.

Just comment on this entry if your interested in participating or have any other ideas for this mini book club!


Becki said...

I'm back. Not sure whether or not my earlier post posted. My Internet has been so crazy!

I came back to give you an award :)

You can get your award here.

Becki said...

Okay, clearly since there is no moderation (as I suspected there might have been), I ought to leave my earlier comment again.

I might be up for reading through the Harry Potter series again, but I probably wouldn't be able to do it within a one month period. Seven books in a month is a lot for me, especially given the length of the later books in the series.

I'm interested in hearing more about this!

Letter4no1 said...

Thanks, Becki!

I'm having a hard time picking a suitable time frame. I know quite a few bloggers read much faster than I do, and I'm not a slow reader myself. Plus Potter tends to suck me (and others I've talked to in) and the last time i reread 6 and 7 they each took me days.

I was originally planning to do 7 weeks, and break up the first three amongst the first two weeks and leave more time for Goblet and Order, but everything is still in the planning process.

Ben Carroll said...

i would love to try this, but i've got a pretty busy july, as well as a very full 'to read' list. and the most important factor: i read them again not too long ago. last year sometime. but i hope a couple of other people join you on this, as it's a great idea, i'd love to see it happen.

paper-moonshine said...

This sounds like a lot of fun - I'd totally be interested in participating in this :)

lesbrary said...

Something like this was on LJ when DH came out. It got a whole lot of comments (~100 per chapter), so it's pretty cool to read through even though it's over now.

ReadingRainbow said...

I would be interested. I have seen all the HP movies to date but only read the first book (slaps my wrist lol). I would like to try this although to be honest I doubt I can finish all of them in a month's time frame. Can you do it for June THROUGH July? Let me know thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Count me in, although a month might be a little short.

la_mariane (on LJ)

Anonymous said...

I agree - a month is a little short. Even w/ a 1 hr commute each way, reading these 7 books in 4 weeks might not be possible. I would, however, like to do a re-read and this sounds like it might be fun.

(nvcarnie on LJ - and I would only do this if the discussions were ON** lj.)