Monday, September 8, 2014

August in Review

I'm going to ask you guys a favor. Can we pretend that it hasn't been a full week since August ended? September has been CRAZY so far. I knew you all would understand.

But this blog is about books, and how I spent the last month of summer reading so much it's a wonder I didn't strain my eyes.

As a month I've never been a fan of August. Here in Michigan it's hot and humid. Everyone tries to fit in every single summer activity possible in those last 31 days. However this year the weather was mild. I read outside a ton because it was rarely above 80. Of course I did other things too. There were family get togethers and friends birthdays.

Oh, and for the first time since I was back in middle school I started classes in August. That's right, I started my masters in Library Science this month! That's kind of why September has been so crazy. I'm balancing work and school and trying to still find time to read and occasionally write.

So if blog posts are few and far between in the next couple of months don't fret, I'm still around, just trying to find the right balance between book blogger and library student.

Books Read:
34. Cat's Cradle - Vonnegut
35. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Rowling
36. Because (b/c) - Riippi
37. Friendship - Gould
38.Isla and the Happily Ever After - Perkins
39. Cinder - Meyer
40. Scarlet - Meyer

American Authors: 5
African: 0
South American: 0

Male:2  Female:4

New Releases:1

Jar Books: 0  (I need a better system for picking TBR Jar books. I've been in the middle of a Diaz book for two months.)

Seven books in a month isn't too shabby, especially since I basically read Isla twice because I loved it so much and couldn't get it out of my head. August was a great month for reading, though. I absolutely loved ISla and the Happily Ever After and despite some mixed feelings on Cinder, i tore through Scarlet right after and am working my way through Cress now.

I'm still reading a ton of female authors but another month has pasted without me reading anything outside of my national comfort zone. That is something I really should work on with the rest of this year.

So goodbye summer, hello sweaters and pumpkins and cider!

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