Friday, August 1, 2014

July in Review

July! July!
Okay now that I'm done with the Decemberist references, July was a long month. I've never known time to move so slow. It also happens to be Birthday month. Mine was last weekend, and three of my friends also have July birthdays. That means I ate lots of sweets and sang many refrains of "Happy Birthday." 

Other than that nothing exciting happened. I didn't go anywhere. No one visited me. I don't have anything major planned until the end of August when I start my masters in library science. I do have a tan. I guess that is something.
Next month I'll have more to report, but I am very happy to say goodbye to this seemingly eternal July.

Books Read:
28. Landline - Rowell
29. 1Q84 - Murakami
30.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Rowling
31. Gone Girl - Flynn
32. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Rowling
33. Shadow and Bone -Bardugo

American Authors: 3
African: 0
South American: 0
Asian:  1

Male:1  Female:5

New Releases:1

Jar Books: 0

This month I took a step back from new releases, which is kind of remarkable since I was basically living for the release of Landline, which I obviously did read (in a day. I cried. it wasn't pretty. A review is forthcoming) and love. I also finally managed to finish 1Q84, and honestly if that had been the only thing I finished in July I would have been proud. I chipped away at it for well over a month. My friends got tired of hearing me talk about little people and two moons. 

Overall I'm really happy with all I read in the last 31 days. There are months where I substitute reading for my social life but July was the first time in a long time where I found a good balance. I swam and read and saw friends and genearly participated in summer activities. I look forward to what August will bring in both my reading life and my soon to be scholarly life. Hopefully they'll overlap in a fun way! After all I'm not studying library and information science for nothing.

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