Monday, July 14, 2014

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

I love books. That was a pointless sentence. Have you seen this blog?  However they aren't the only thing in my life. I'd be a professional netflix watcher society would let me. I'd be good at it too! Which is why I was excited that this weeks Top Ten Tuesdays explored other mediums. Seeing as how I went to film school and am forever tired of the "favorite movie" question, here are my
Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

1. Orphan Black
I didn't start watching Orphan Black until season two had already started airing. That being said it's number one here for a reason. It's well written, well acted and fantastically paced. I'm not usually one for Science Fiction, and cloning had never really been of much interest to me but OB changes that. It's everything television is missing, it's women in all their glory. I'm just sad I have to wait another year for season three.
2. Community
I was one of the fans gunning for #sixseasonsandamovie. Community, to me, has always been the little show that could. It was smart, especially for a sitcom, with a diverse cast of hilarious actors. 
3.Doctor Who
You know how there are some books that come into your life at the right time? Doctor Who was that show for me. I didn't start watching until series 5 had just finished airing but I remember spending night after night crocheting hats and watching Nine, Ten, and finally Eleven saving the universe. Like I said before, Sci Fi isn't really my thing. Fantasy isn't either. It has to be done just right, it almost has to be bigger than the sum of it's parts. That's what Doctor Who is. It's bigger than a mad man in a blue box, clever companions and far away places and long over histories. Modern Who, which is all I've watched (classic is just such a commitment!) teaches compassion. I was a bit disappointed with the last season but I'll be in front of my TV come August for Twelve's first episode. 
4. How I Met Your Mother 
HIMYM had it's ups and downs but it was always there for me. Ted, Robin, Marshall, Barney and Lily felt like friends. I cared about their lives. I was furious over the finale in only the way a die hard fan could be. I even liked the finale season (save, again, the finale, don't talk to me about it. I've gone on so many rants. I have it down to a science) and thought I was ready to let go!
5. Brooklyn Nine Nine
Are you watching Brooklyn Nine Nine? Why not? It is the best new sitcom of the 13-14 season. It has a crazy talented and diverse cast. It's hilarious. It's everything I've ever wanted in a cop show. Please watch it. Please Please Please.
6. QI
QI, or Quite Interesting, is the Stephen Fry panel show where the panelists are rewarded for being interesting and punished for being obvious. It's education and funny, oh and so very British! You can find several full episodes on Youtube. It's a shame there isn't an American version.
7. 30 Rock
Before I started typing I sang the entire 30 Rock theme to my dog. For those of you who don't know, the 30 Rock theme has no words. Anyway, Tina Fey's magnum opus is one of the things that made me want to write. It was part of the NBC Thursday line up that I LIVED for. I'm glad I can go back and watch it on Netflix whenever I want.
8. New Girl
New Girl shouldn't work. There should be something about a group of 30 year olds failing in life and love that everyone is tired of. Except New Girl is really funny. Like laugh out loud till your sides hurt funny. As a show, New Girl does a great job of taking characters that should be inherently unpleasant and making them loveable. Even the Nick/Jess relationship last season worked.
9. Glee
There's an ongoing joke on Tumblr that nobody hates Glee like Glee fans hate Glee. Glee fans are aware that if there was ever a shark to jump it happened sometime around the end of season one where there was a bohemian rhapsody/ childbirth mash up . I still love it though. It can be crazy and weird and sometimes not very good but I've seen every episode more than once. That might have more to do with my best friend being obsessed with it, but it doesn't change the fact that I cried during Finn's send off episode and I'll be heartbroken when it ends next season.
10. Girls
I've had mixed feelings about Girls but I can't stop watching. I've never been so drawn to awful characters before. There is something inherently millennial about it. 


Fiza Halliwell said...

Great picks, I have been hearing a lot about Glee but till this day I still haven't seen one episode -_-

My top ten

Alison Can Read said...

I adore Doctor Who. I've never liked sci fi. This show was my sci fi gateway. I'm obsessed with it.

Michelle said...

Dr. Who is a great choice.
I also like to crochet while watching t.v.
That is, when we had t.v.