Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaack

Hello! Remember me? The girl who runs this little ol' book blog? It's ok if you don't. I kind of abandon you for a while. I got lazy, life got a little crazy and overall I kind of shunned books for a while.
It doesn't help that my Kindle broke right in the middle of The Secret History and I was to hooked to pick up another book and to scared of phone calls to call amazon until a week later, but I have a brand new Kindle and everything is right again!

Anyways, I'm back from my hiatus and excited to get back to everything that entails (like trudging through my overfull google reader. YIKES). Thanks for not giving up on me and stay tune for new reviews, musings and Christmas ideas!


Red said...

Welcome back! And hooray for new Kindle (I hate making phone calls as well, even when it would clearly be in my best interest.)

Becky (Page Turners) said...

Welcome back!

Diana Guess said...

Welcome back. Unhappy situation with your Kindle, but it's great that now it's alright and you can start to read again. We have quite the same tastes in books and I can't wait to see what you'll read. Personally, I think I'll lecture "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer, because I downloaded it from All You Can Books several months ago, but I didn't have the chance to read it.